Thank you for your interest in adopting a potbellied pig from Best Friends!  If you have not already, please read through our potbellied pig information to get a basic understanding of pig care and possible expectations when bringing a pig into your home.
Adopting any animal is a huge commitment, and potbellied pigs are no exception.  In fact, it is imperative to research what it’s like to have pigs as pets, especially as pigs can live into their twenties.  Some people are surprised at how easily they integrate into the family, just like a dog or cat might.  Others may be surprised to learn that pet pigs really do want to be included as an active member of your family; most are not content to live their lives socially isolated.   Additionally, we find that most pigs are most comfortable living with at least one other pig friend.  For this reason, we adopt our pigs out in pairs at the minimum, or as a single pig only if you already have at least one pig in the home.  Very rarely do we come across pigs who seem to prefer living as a single pig, and when we do, we are certainly willing to explore the possibility of a single pig adoption.
Although our goal is to find loving, forever homes for our potbellied pigs, we understand that unfortunate circumstances occur that may disrupt your best intentions. In the event that you find it impossible to keep your adopted pig(s), we require that you return to Best Friends Animal Society any animal you’ve adopted, at your expense, no matter how much time has passed since the initial adoption. Best Friends animals may never be sold or given to a third party.
Completion of this survey does not guarantee adoption of a Best Friends potbellied pig.  The adoption fee for pigs is $100 and adopters are responsible for transport costs.  Best Friends may be able to transport for you for a per mile fee.  To submit this survey via email, please fill out the fields below, and click the "submit" button. If you are interested in submitting the survey via mail or fax, please contact the Horse Haven Adoption Staff at (435)644-2001 ext. 4869 or pigs@bestfriends.org to request a paper copy.
If you have looked into potbellied pigs and feel you are ready for the lengthy lifetime commitment to a pig, we invite you fill out the survey below!
Thank you!
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